Monday, September 25, 2017

5 Definite Ways on How to Keep Him Crazy About Me

Getting him is the easy part, but to keep him interested, well that is another part that not so many women seem to get. In this article, I will tell you how to keep him crazy about you.

Hmm, let me see. I've been there before maybe two or three times. Honestly speaking, I sometimes wonder how is it that he's so in love with me or it is not really true that he is interested because .... let's face it, I'm difficult. Besides that, am I really that interesting?

Okay, truth of the matter is that I am interesting. I am worth someone loving. I am beautiful, and most important I am myself.

You see, that's just it..... YOU HAVE TO BE YOURSELF!

Let me explain.

5 Definite Ways on How to Keep Him Crazy About You

  • Well, the first advice is to be yourself. Nobody wants to be around someone that is fake or tries to be something they're not. When you are yourself, you are giving the other person a piece of you and your world. You are inviting that person to the authentic you. And that my friend is something very interesting. So, no matter if you're goofy, funny, crazy, boring, or weird, when you give him the real you, he has the option to take it or leave it, no second guessing. 

  • The second advice is to be spontaneous. Okay, we all know when we first meet a guy, we try our best to be fun and outside of the box. We try to find lots of things to do, right? Well, truth is, you don't have to spend tons of money to be spontaneous. You can still be yourself while being spontaneous. For example, I am into poetry and art. So, if I were to meet a guy, I would definitely take him to an art museum or to a poetry cafe or I may show him some of my paintings that I've done. Shoot, I may even get some blank canvas's from Walmart, paint brushes and some paint and we will paint together. 

This is what being spontaneous is all about. It's about thinking outside of the box while still being yourself. A lot of women may believe that being spontaneous is all about being sexy, for example making up a dance move to a song to dance for him for his birthday, but honey, that's not all to it. Yes, that will definitely get his penis aroused and get him super excited, but that's not all to it when it comes to being spontaneous.

  • The third advice is to be classy, but also a freak.  You've heard of the term, "I want a lady that's freaky in the bed"? Well, to keep him interested, you have to be classy in public, but a freak with only him. I'm not here to brag, but when people first see me, my swag is always low key, seductive, sexy and beautiful. It's almost as if I'm mysterious, especially when I'm with a large crowd. When I dress up, I go an extra mile (that's just my personality) . The flip side of this is that, when you really get to know me, I'm talkative, not quiet and I''m quite freaky if I really like you. 

  • The fourth advice is to not be a gold digger but a goal digger. Did you read that correctly? If not, go back and read it again. A guy will go crazy over a woman that is about her business and have goals, not just looking for a hand out. 

  • The fifth advice is to allow him to be hisself. You'd be surprised at how all men have a shield over their body when they first meet a woman. The idea is for the women to help them take off the shield piece by piece. How can she do that? Well, a man has to trust you in order to feel like he can take off his shield so that you can see the real him. Once you take off his entire suit, that's when you know you've got him. 

There you have it! What are your thoughts on this list? Are you ready to get him more crazy about you? Then you have to check out "Girl Get's Ring". 

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